Tajrish Rajazz

Tajrish Rajazz

Improvisation By

Sirus Shamlu Guitar
Raha Faridi Vocal & Lyric

February 27,2012
Found the old radio-mixer from the cellar, belonging to 70s. Decided to test it with the microphones left from my journalistic era. Tow directional-mics, only good for interviewing.
1 2 3 … He started playing … In that evening at sunset, there was nothing for me to say but recalling the floating images of our day in Tehran-Tajrish-Square.
It was an improvisation of words, to test the mind & the mic.
The mic was tested too old to be used again, and the mind was rajazzing over the day.
The outcome needed another sound to it, which I recorded in the stairway.
The mixed-down was our “Tajrish Rajazz”.

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