Ebrahim Monsefi Lyric
Ebrahim Alavi Guitar
Raha Faridi Vocal
Majid Nasiri Record & Mix
Based on “La Mamma” by “Charles Aznavour”

June 21,2012
Ebrahim Monsefi was a unique song writer from BandarAbbas (South of Iran). His music and lyrics of love and pain is still inspiring artists of this generation.
2012, Fifteen Years after he died at the age of 52 in poverty and pain, It was time for her mother “Haji Maryam” to pass away. She was an old amazing woman full of life and wisdom. I had the chance of living with her one day, which was enough for me to dedicate her, this song.
It’s 11 pm.,,, My head is full of Haji Maryam and this music, so I sang it to Ebrahim Alavi a young talented guitar player from South; with no practice he was ready and suggested recording it in Majid Nasiri’s studio.
It’s mid-summer, BandarAbbas, a harbour, hot and humid, in a room-studio. We picked up mangoes from the tree in the old yard as our dinner and finished recording in an hour.
“Momma” is the name of the song which Monsefi has written for his mother and harmonized it with a music inspired by “La mamma” a masterpiece of “Charles Aznavur”.
Unfortunately there is no recording available of Monsefi playing it.

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