127 Band

127 Band

127 Band was founded in 2001 by a group of young artists and art students in Tehran.
The Band has found itself at the center of progressive cultural change in Iran.
Their music meld Iranian melodies and jazz with an alternative sound.
The band’s lyrics tell of the frustrations and joys of life, somehow managing to speak of their cultural time and place, while simultaneously reflecting
universal frustrations of isolation and hope.

127 is a 5 piece band
Guitar, Piano, Trombone, Bass and Drums

Sohrab Mohebi (Guitar/Vocal/Words)
Sardar Sarmast (Piano)
Salmak Khaledi (Trombone)
Alireza Pourasad (Bass)
Yahya Alkhansa (Drums)
Shervin Shahamipour (Back Vocal)


The group has become a lightning-rod for international media attention. Through numerous articles and broadcasts in the western media.

127 has performed couple of gigs in Italy amongst Arezzo Wave Festival on july 15th 2005 at the main stage.
In October 2005 performing in New York, Washington and Cambridge; 127 was the first Iranian rock band toured in United States.

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